Double-Head Four-Position Vertical Winding Machine

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In order to meet the requirements of high power and high output value, the fully automatic winding machine for I-shaped inductance transformers has recently developed new developments.

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● Double-head four-position vertical winding machine: when two positions are working and other two positions are waiting.

● The machine can arrange the coils neatly in the hanging cup and make the main and secondary phase coils at the same time. It is especially suitable for stator winding with high output requirements. It can automatically winding, automatic jumping, automatic processing of bridge lines, automatic shearing and automatic indexing at one time.

● The man-machine’s interface can set the parameters of circle number, winding speed, sinking die height, sinking die speed, winding direction, cupping angle, etc. The winding tension can be adjusted, and the length can be adjusted arbitrarily by the full servo control of the bridge line. It has the functions of continuous winding and discontinuous winding, and can meet the requirements of 2 poles, 4 poles, 6 poles and 8-pole motor coil winding.

● With the patented technology of non-resistance through-line channel, the winding coil is basically non-stretching, which is especially suitable for motors with many slender turns and many models of the same machine seat, such as pump motor, washing motor motor, compressor motor, fan motor, etc.

● Full servo control of bridge crossing line, the length can be adjusted arbitrarily.

● Saving in manpower and copper wire (enameled wire).

● The rotary table is controlled by a precise cam divider, which has the advantages of light structure, rapid transposition and precise positioning.

● With the configuration 12 inch large screen, more convenient operation; support MES network data acquisition system.

● The machine has stable performance, atmospheric appearance, high degree of automation and high cost performance.

● Its merits also include low energy consumption, high efficiency, low noise, long working life and easy maintenance.

Vertical Winding Machine-24-2
Vertical Winding Machine-24-3

Product Parameter

Product number LRX2/4-100
Flying fork diameter 180-350mm
Number of working heads 2PCS
Operating station 4 stations
Adapt to the wire diameter 0.17-0.8mm
Magnet wire material Copper wire/aluminum wire/copper clad aluminum wire
Bridge line processing time 4S
Turntable conversion time 1.5S
Applicable motor pole number 2、4、6、8
Adapt to the stator stack thickness 20mm-160mm
Maximum stator inner diameter 150mm
Maximum speed 2600-3000 circles/minute
Air pressure 0.6-0.8MPA
Power supply 380V three-phase four-wire system 50/60Hz
Power 7.5kW
Weight 2000kg
Dimensions (L) 2400* (W) 1500* (H) 2200mm


Advantages and common types of transformer automatic winding machine

In order to meet the requirements of high power and high output value, the fully automatic winding machine for I-shaped inductance transformers has recently developed new developments. This model adopts multi-head linkage design, takes programmable controller as the equipment control center, integrates various technologies such as numerical control, pneumatic, and light control, and realizes automatic functions such as wire arrangement, presser foot, thread trimming, and upper and lower skeletons. This model provides high production efficiency and reduces dependence on labor. One operator can operate multiple machines to ensure stable production quality, suitable for places with high requirements.

However, the price of the machine ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan, because it uses many non-standard and customized parts, and the maintenance process is complicated and lengthy. Nevertheless, its high output value still attracts customers, making it a widely used model in the market, also known as CNC automatic transformer automatic winding machine. The mechanical structure is diverse and can be automatically arranged. Domestic manufacturers mainly use CNC controllers or self-developed controllers as the control center. This model has high efficiency, convenient maintenance, and high cost performance, and the cost is almost lower than that of a fully automatic winding motor.

The toroidal transformer automatic winding machine is specially designed for winding circular coils, and there are mainly two types of slip-edge type and belt type, and there have been no major technical changes since its introduction. They are made of special alloy with excellent wear resistance, and part of the machine head adopts split structure, which is more convenient and quick to replace the storage ring. These fully automatic machines are generally desktop structures of mechanical equipment, and the quotations are mainly imported or domestically produced.

At the same time, the servo precision variable automatic winding machine is a leading high-tech model with high equipment precision and simulates the wiring action of the human body. It adopts high-resolution servo motor, and the control system adopts PLC, which has functions of automatic calculation, automatic differentiation and error correction. Closed-loop control is adopted to automatically correct cable out-of-step phenomenon and stability at high and low speeds. The supporting equipment such as auxiliary mold unloading equipment of this model is also relatively advanced.

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