Final Shaping Machine (Carefully Shaping Machine)

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● The machine takes hydraulic system as the main force and is widely used in all kinds of motor manufacturers in China.

● Design of shaping principle for internal rising, outsourcing and end pressing.

● The structure design of entry and exit station is adopted to facilitate loading and unloading, reduce labor intensity and facilitate stator positioning.

● Controlled by industrial programmable logic controller (PLC), the equipment has grating protection, which prevents hand crushing during shaping and protects personal safety effectively.

● The height of the package can be adjusted according to the actual situation.

● The die replacement of this machine is fast and convenient.

● The forming dimension is accurate and the shaping is beautiful.

● The machine has mature technology, advanced technology, low energy consumption, high efficiency, low noise, long service life, no oil leakage and easy maintenance.

● This machine is especially suitable for washing motor, compressor motor, three-phase motor, gasoline generator and other external diameter and high induction motor.

Product Parameter

Product number


Number of working heads


Operating station

1 station

Adapt to the wire diameter


Magnet wire material

Copper wire/aluminum wire/copper clad aluminum wire

Adapt to the stator stack thickness


Minimum stator inner diameter


Maximum stator inner diameter


Cylinder displacement


Power supply

380V three-phase four-wire system 50/60Hz






(L) 1000* (W) 800* (H) 2200mm


The structure of binding the whole machine

As a commonly used storage and binding equipment, binding machines are utilized in a variety of fields. However, many all-in-one tying machines currently available have similar functions, are too bulky, and challenging to maintain due to their single structure. By integrating pressure, loading and unloading, our all-in-one tying machine significantly reduces labor requirements and boosts production efficiency.

Final Shaping Machine -2

Our binding machine consists of multiple components that perform distinct functions, including an unwinding device, guide wheel device, cutting and stripping device, feeding device, winding device, material moving device, pulling device, tilting device, palletizing device, binding device, and unloading device. The unwinding device comprises a unique wire reel to hold the wire, while the guide wheel device comes equipped with an encoder wheel, upper wire wheel set, and lower wire wheel set. The cutting and stripping device contains a cutting knife, peeling knife, peeling clip, and adjustable stroke peeling cylinder. The winding device features a clamping winding piece, ranking device, coiling device, cylinder, cylinder fixing seat, movable winding piece, and movable wire clip. Springs and cable ties are mounted on the machine table through orifice plates.

Final Shaping Machine

The tilting device includes guide rails, down-moving claws, soft belts, and soft belt tensioning devices. The material discharge device consists of a rotary air clamp entrainment and twisting device. The strapping device is designed with a rope knotting device, rocker arm, movable plate fixed clamping cylinder. Finally, the unloading device features flipping hopper and pushing hopper devices.

Our binding machine positions the unwinding device on one side, preventing entanglement of the wire. The guide wheel device and cutting and stripping device are vertically installed together, using a common base to mount the platen of the binding machine on the right side. The feeding device is installed on the right side of the machine's middle structure, with the winding device situated in the machine's center area. The moving device is located on the upper section of the all-in-one machine through a slide rail, allowing convenient movement to obtain materials from the top of the device. Additionally, the pull belt device is integrated on the left side of the winding device on the all-in-one machine table, with the upper end within the moving range of the material moving device. The palletizing device is located above the tilting device through the pulley structure, and the strapping device sits on the upper left-hand side of the machine table. Finally, the unloading device is placed on the binding machine table beneath the binding device.

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