Motor Manufacturing Made Easier with Final Shaping Machine

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First of all, an equipment manual should be established to record and review the operation of the integrated machine and existing problems on a daily basis.

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● The machine uses hydraulic system as the main power, and the shaping height can be adjusted arbitrarily. It is widely used in all kinds of motor manufacturers in China.

● Design of shaping principle for internal rising, outsourcing and end pressing.

● Controlled by industrial programmable logic controller (PLC), the device has grating protection, which prevents hand crushing in shape and effectively protects personal safety.

● The height of the package can be adjusted according to the actual situation.

● The die replacement of this machine is fast and convenient.

● The forming dimension is accurate and the shaping is beautiful.

● The machine has mature technology, advanced technology, low energy consumption, high efficiency, low noise, long life and easy maintenance. 


Product Parameter

Product number ZX3-150
Number of working heads 1PCS
Operating station 1 station
Adapt to the wire diameter 0.17-1.2mm
Magnet wire material Copper wire/aluminum wire/copper clad aluminum wire
Adapt to the stator stack thickness 20mm-150mm
Minimum stator inner diameter 30mm
Maximum stator inner diameter 100mm
Power supply 220V 50/60Hz (single phase)
Power 2.2kW
Weight 600kg
Dimensions (L) 900* (W) 1000* (H) 2200mm


The daily use specification of the integrated machine

In order to ensure the normal operation of the binding machine, daily inspection and correct operation are an essential step.

First of all, an equipment manual should be established to record and review the operation of the integrated machine and existing problems on a daily basis.

When starting work, carefully inspect the workbench, cable guides and main sliding surfaces. If there are obstacles, tools, impurities, etc., they must be cleaned, wiped and oiled.

Carefully check whether there is new tension in the moving mechanism of the equipment, research, if there is any damage, please notify the equipment personnel to check and analyze whether it is caused by a fault, and make a record, check the safety protection, power supply, limiter and other equipment should be Intact, check that the distribution box is securely closed and that the electrical grounding is good.

Check whether the equipment accessories are in good condition. Wire reels, felt clamps, pay-off devices, ceramic parts, etc. should be intact, installed correctly, and perform an idling test run to observe whether the operation is stable and whether there is abnormal noise, etc. The above work is cumbersome, but it can effectively judge whether the equipment is in good condition and prevent failures.

When the job is done, it should be stopped and cleaned properly. First of all, put the electrical, pneumatic and other operating switches in the non-working position, completely stop the operation of the equipment, cut off the power and air supply, and carefully remove the debris left on the equipment during the winding process. Oil and maintain the displacement mechanism, pay-off spool, etc., and carefully fill out the manual for the tying machine and record it properly.

Use the safety regulations for strapping the all-in-one. When using some mechanical equipment, you must pay attention to some safety regulations, especially when using heavy machinery such as binding machines, you should pay more attention.

The following is an overview of the safety regulations for using the all-in-one. Be safe while working !

1. Before using the all-in-one machine, please wear labor protection gloves or other protective devices.

2. When using, please check whether the power switch is in good condition and whether the brake switch is normal before starting to use.

3. When the machine is working, that is, when bundling the wires, do not wear gloves, so as not to wear gloves and wrap the gloves into the equipment and cause equipment failure.

4. When the mold is found to be loose, it is strictly forbidden to touch it with hands. The machine should be stopped and checked first.

5. After using the binding machine, it should be cleaned up in time, and the used tools should be returned in time.

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